Artificial Grass Sydney

Discover the many benefits of the artificial lawns Sydney customers recommend. Tuff Turf provide the first class artificial grass Sydney property owners demand. We are dedicated artificial grass suppliers with an ongoing quest to find the highest quality synthetic turf for residential and commercial customers.

From installing artificial lawn products to providing the right grass for DIY lawn projects, we work with our valued customers every step of the way. We help each customer find the perfect solution for any need. From sports fields to backyards, we have a variety of options to suit all purposes.

Modern synthetic grass looks and feels like natural grass. It is almost impossible to tell the difference. Realistic artificial turf is ideal for resorts, golf courses, schools, playgrounds, front yards, backyards and more. Each type of artificial grass comes with a warranty so you can feel secure the product will last for years to come.

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Choose from a complete range of styles, varying in colour, thickness, height and appearance. The professional staff at Tuff Turf will help you find the right artificial turf for your unique needs including residential, recreational and commercial applications. Each lawn is installed to the highest standards for total satisfaction.

DIY artificial turf installation is simple to follow for customers who choose to handle this project on their own. A team of professionals are available to install synthetic turf in an efficient, timely manner at a realistic price.

There are a myriad of benefits to having a fake lawn. While it is soft and beautiful just like natural grass, it requires little maintenance. People can save hours when there is no need to water, weed, mow or fertilise the lawn. This time is better spent enjoying outdoor spaces rather than working on them.

Drought and water issues are not a problem when people have artificial turf. With little effort, the lawn looks immaculate all year round. Synthetic grass is pet friendly and child friendly, with all of our range of products being lead free. It also works well in the areas around swimming pools. Artificial grass can also blend seamlessly into your existing garden and landscaping.

Tuff Turf is based in Mentone, Victoria but provides outstanding products throughout Australia. The professionals at Tuff Turf help customers find the lovely, artificial grass Sydney customers are looking for.

Contact Tuff Turf today for a competitive quote and to discover more about the benefits of getting synthetic turf.

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