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Artificial surfaces for sports fields, pitches, greens and multi-sport ovals

Consider the durability and beauty of an artificial tennis court, artificial grass for cricket pitch and artificial turf for a variety of sports areas. Tuff Turf is the one of the most respected artificial turf suppliers Perth customers prefer. We provide expert advice and the highest quality turf for sports enthusiasts while keeping artificial grass costs down.

Tuff Turf provides top notch artificial turf for tennis courts, practice golf greens, cricket wickets, hockey fields and more. It can be used for school grounds, sports clubs and to create a home recreation space in your own backyard. There are a myriad of benefits associated with artificial turf surfaces for a variety of sports.

Artificial turf is the most durable option and requires little maintenance. Unlike natural turf, synthetic turf is durable and stands up to the heavy traffic associated with outdoor sports. It stays safe throughout all the seasons of the years, which means athletes have a longer sports season.

Water has little impact on artificial turf, which creates a safer playing area for everything from tennis to cricket to basketball. Regardless of the soil conditions or climate, artificial turf can be installed to create a sports space everyone will enjoy. From school yards to back yards, artificial turf transforms everyday spaces into a centre for sports activities.

Tuff Turf has many years of experience in the industry. We maintain strict quality control over every aspect of the process. Customers appreciate a tough artificial playing surface that will perform to their highest expectations for years to come. Players feel reassured they are running and playing on a well-tested product.

Few spectators will realise sports are being played on artificial turf. Synthetic turf looks and feels realistic without all the maintenance and worry of having natural turf. Tuff Turf takes pride in offering outstanding customer service, after-sales support and regular maintenance as needed. Sports enthusiasts will play on solid turf that feels good under their feet and offers the highest possible level of safety.

Find out more about getting artificial grass for a cricket pitch, tennis court or other sports field. Tuff Turf helps customers find the right colours, textures and designs to create outstanding sports areas. Contact Tuff Turf to learn about the various options available to ensure your sporting areas are beautiful, durable and safe for many years. Your invest is important to Tuff Turf to ensure it last and preforms to your expectations. Tuff Turf professionals are available to help you with your decision every step of the way.