I am proud to provide you with information about Tuff Group and the brands we represent.

Our business has developed and significantly evolved since making our start over 10 years ago. The exciting industry we chose to play in has also matured and expanded alongside us. I’m still as eager as the day we started to make a difference in this space as we continue to excel in our product innovation and service benchmarks.

I’ve spent valuable time ‘in the trenches.’ I’ve seen the best surface solutions and the experience required to accomplish what we do every day. Our ever-growing and passionate team of specialists share the same values: to achieve excellence in all we do.

With a wealth of hands-on experience at the manufacturing and retail level while living up to standards that go beyond world-class; we push to exceed our own expectations so we are confident we can surpass yours.

We are grateful for the opportunities to deliver amazing projects and for the many satisfied clients we’ve worked with. Don’t take my word for it though: take the time to read the featured projects and see what we’ve been able to accomplish.

This company profile has been years in the making. Tanya and I invite you to be a part of our journey towards greatness.

I am personally involved in the Tuff Group business every day. I’m enthusiastic about providing the greatest products and services to suit our clients.

Whether it’s a quick question or a whole project quote, we’ll be humbled and grateful to help you out, as part of our extended team.

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Pioneered by St. Kilda Saints legend Fraser Gehrig and Tanya Hall in 2009, the siren sounded on an exciting new venture in synthetic grass for homes, sports and commercial complexes.

In 2010 Tuff Turf broke through its first banner, launching products into Bunnings Warehouses Australia wide. Tuff Turf brought synthetic grass innovation to the Aussie backyard for the whole family to enjoy.

Endless possibilities abound for education centres, schools, universities, playgrounds, and large commercial projects.


We evolved from a small, two-person startup to a fast-growing company employing over 40 people, all in less than 10 years

There’s no trophy case; our achievements can be seen in Aussie backyards, sports precincts, and professional playing surfaces all across the country.

In 2015, we expanded our retail range of products at Bunnings Warehouse. A banner year, we took out the premiership – crowned the largest supplier of synthetic grass in Australia.

Moving further afield, the Tuff Turf range launched into New Zealand and the United Kingdom in 2016.

Our commercial endeavours also took a leap forward and in 2017 we proudly completed the largest sports facility in the southern hemisphere.

Australasian leaders in synthetic surface solutions.

“Sport teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose - it teaches you about life.”

Pele, Brazilian Football Legend.

Our Purpose

To Achieve
in Life's

Our Vision



We play our business like a game of professional sport. A great team with great leadership and a drive to win. Our team works hard to ensure that everybody wins.

Our mission is to ensure clients, customers and the community gain a personal and professional experience that exceeds their expectations. We focus on bringing the ‘best value for money’ products and services in response to client demand for long-term solutions.

Although our products are manufactured under world standard quality control systems and to rigorous internal requirements, Tuff Group’s wide range of products remain affordable to the end user.

We choose to focus on innovative leadership rather than responding to market competition. We run ahead of the pack by focusing on safety, user comfort, and innovative design.


it's what we hve for.

Our Values


Our strong family values, unwavering integrity and loyalty have been a pivotal part in developing a great team throughout our organisation, our trading partnerships and with our clients.


We are naturally competitive, high achievers, we love great relationships, have a strong work ethic and constantly seek improvement. We also expect the same of others.


Reflected within our product design and development, innovation comes naturally. The business model supports innovation and market leadership. It’s in our DNA.


Once a customer, always a customer’. We’re committed to delivering on time, on budget with the best value for money outcomes. We don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.


We don’t follow the pack.We have a commitment to becoming excellent leaders and adding value to sports teams, families and the community. We achieve it through continuous improvement and commitment to values.


With great leadership comes inspiration and action full of purpose. We are a dynamic team with an energy and enthusiasm that drives us to deliver exactly what we promise and exceed expectations of all.


We move forward through sustained growth and penetration into new markets. We work hard to maintain our market leadership through strategic partnerships in Australia and around the world


There is no passion without fun! We love what we do and do what we love. Like any good sports team, there is pride in achievement and a family atmosphere that spurs us to do better.








Whatever the space, the team at Tuff Group provide the best solutions and products specific to your goals and investment budget. We’ll work with you to create the ultimate desired space.

Tuff Group has a dedicated team of the most experienced people within the sports surfacing industry, with more than 100 years of collective experience in civil construction, facility design, project management, construction and installation.

Our team has delivered and project managed some of the most diverse and complex sports facility projects within Australia. From synthetic fields with under surface water retention systems, lime and

cement pavement stabilisation, asphalt pavements, stabilisation of sub grade utilising polymers, treatment of poor sub grades with the utilisation of bridging methods, complex lighting systems and power upgrades, sports field fencing and elaborate separation netting systems.

During this time our personnel have managed, constructed, and installed more than 1500 sports surfaces in more than 5 countries around the globe, from school multi sports surfaces, tennis courts, cricket wickets, bowling greens, hockey pitches to FIH certification and soccer pitches, with FIFA quality and Quality PRO certification, as well as natural turf surfaces for the AFL.


We are extremely proud of our long-term partnership with CCGrass as they share similar values and an ongoing commitment to quality. They are the largest manufacturer of synthetic grass in the world and are dedicated to providing the best synthetic turf for both athletic and landscape purposes.

After more than 15 years of focused development, CCGrass products have served clients around the globe with varying needs, including professional football clubs, government bodies, schools, and countless households. CCGrass choose the very best raw materials with strong UV stability to make sure our synthetic grass stays fresh & green over many years.

CCGrass’s synthetic turf contains no lead, no heavy metals or any other harmful chemicals according to the highest safety standards, such as DIN, REACH, RoHS.

We are equally as proud with our long- term relationship with Bunnings and we are grateful for the collaborative approach to provide the best range of products for consumers. Our close work with Bunnings allows us to create innovative DIY and Trade product ranges, ultimately enabling families to live more enjoyable lives.

Bunnings is the leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products in Australia and New Zealand and a major supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople and the housing industry. Operating from a network of large warehouse stores, smaller format stores, trade centres and frame and truss sites, Bunnings caters for consumer and commercial customers.

our brands

A restructure of our organisation in 2019 brought Tuff Group into the mix as our overarching brand. The evolution allows us to better support all our divisions and sub-brands as we expand and move forward into the future.

Tuff Turf is our original master brand and over the decade since we began has become a household name for premium synthetic grasses and accessories across the retail DIY, Trade and Commercial sectors. Tuff Turf continues to expand it’s presence throughout it’s Australian and international partners.

Tuff Maintenance is our brand that provides expert knowledge and services for synthetic turf maintenance. A customised program will guarantee the longevity and investment of synthetic turf surfaces and ensures they continue to look great and perform their best.

Tuff Edge is our innovative aluminium garden edge system exclusive to Bunnings and is available throughout the Australian warehouses. The product allows homeowners and landscapers to create instant garden borders and dividers with ease.



We are one of the only companies in the world to offer a full service across consulting, design, engineering, construction, installation, and maintenance of surfaces in addition to retailing products.

This gives Tuff Group a unique perspective on the Australian environment and ensures that we offer the latest expertise, insights and services to our many partners and clients. Tuff Group offer the following products and services:

Grass That's Always Green


Our commercial division leads Australia in design, construction and installer of synthetic services in the large sports projects environment. We have now completed hundreds of projects across all parts of Australia and a number of locations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our sports facility capabilities are significant and include:

  • Soccer Fields
  • Tennis Courts
  • Hockey Fields
  • Golf Greens
  • Football Ovals
  • Rugby Fields
  • Cricket Grounds
  • Athletic Tracks
  • Bowling Greens
  • Custom Multi-Sports Grounds

Providing the full range of sports solutions allows clients to rely on us, knowing that there is one supplier responsible for all their needs and the long-term success of their project.

Tuff Group continues to deliver hundreds of thousands of metres of commercial surface every year. We have been engaged by government, private, education and municipal organisations and stand behind all of the work that we do.

Tuff Group is renowned for its track record delivering added value to projects. Clients have identified that we work tirelessly to ensure a surface will perform now and well into the future.


Increasingly, early learning centres, kindergartens and councils are looking to synthetic surfaces to ensure hardy usage and lower maintenance programs. Our light commercial team work across all Australian states and territories and have implemented numerous projects in learning and public environments.
These multipurpose surfaces can include:

  • Acrylic
  • Rubber
  • Synthetic
  • Natural Grass

Our multi-talented teams can assess, design, construct and install for all environments.
The Tuff Maintenance Signature Care program maintains these surfaces to ensure the longest possible life and usability.


With an increasing focus on good education for our community, Tuff Group is front and centre in ensuring that multi-court and sports field services are built to suit the requirements of educational institutions across the country.

Tuff Group have expertise in the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors having delivered highly recognised projects that ensures a broad range of applications.

Our Tertiary Audit program is now being implemented in universities across Australia to determine the long-term requirements for these environments. The face of university sport is undergoing significant shifts; Tuff Group is facilitating this growth ensuring that tertiary institutions can use insights to plan future development accordingly using our amassed expertise.

We are committed to ensuring that Australian families and budding athletes can facilitate their growth and development using professional-grade surface.


Australian homeowners love their landscaped yards – but they don’t always love maintaining them! Ensuring they look their best can be a time and money sink. We’ve solved this problem; delivering thousands of award-winning backyards and providing a range of other surfaces in homes and buildings across Australia. A typical installation will include synthetic grass and often a rubber surface that leads to years of enjoyment and engagement for families.

Installations can include basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, mini- golf and pet-friendly surfaces.

The value that Tuff Group adds to real estate around the country sometimes means the difference between a fantastic childhood and missing out on developing Australia’s next great sporting star.


Tuff Group is the exclusive supplier of Tuff Turf synthetic grass products, installation products and accessories to the Bunnings group across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

We are proud to be Australia’s most trusted brand name in synthetic grass landscaping. The nation’s largest display home builders, landscapers, developers and councils all rely on the consistent quality and expertise of the Tuff Turf products. The range of synthetic grasses are perfect for any large-scale landscaping design, and our professional installers are on hand for any job, no matter the size.
Whether it’s for sports practice, a play area for the kids or to create the ideal dream landscape, Tuff Turf has the complete range of synthetic grass possibilities the whole family will enjoy.

We also offer specialised trade services within Bunnings. We can install on behalf of major Bunnings clients. These products are often purchased by landscapers and other trades people. We also have a range of educational assets to ensure our products can be installed correctly.

We are committed to ensuring that Australian families and budding athletes can facilitate their growth and development using professional-grade surfaces. We are constantly seeking to educate ourselves and to ensure that the industry is growing and vibrant. We are active in educating policymakers, governments, building contractors and service owners to ensure the best outcome for Australia’s growing population.


Signature CARE


Since the beginning, Tuff Group has developed a world-class surface system available across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We are the only business capable of providing a true end-to-end service f rom discovery and consulting through to the delivery and maintenance of all forms of sports surfaces.


One of the most critical elements of surface planning and creation is ensuring factors such as usage, long-term development, and use of resources are considered at the start of a project. Having delivered hundreds of commercial and light commercial projects across the country, we are ideally placed to provide this expertise at the start of a project.

By taking additional time and considering all factors effecting the outcome of a successful project, clients can save time and money while gaining peace of mind.The team working with you during this process are not “desk jockey” consultants who only know how Tuff Turf works in theory, our team are experienced experts who provide insights based on recent work experience.
Clients find this is one of our most valuable offerings; it focuses on new areas of attention and saves time, money, and effort.


Tuff Group have developed a sub-base solution built under a synthetic surface which is critical to its performance. Time and again, we are asked to maintain or reconstruct sub-bases which do not perform well. This is due to issues that could have be avoided at the construction stage. The development of a high-performing synthetic surface relies heavily upon the construction of the perfect sub-base allowing for correct drainage, compression, and levels. This is a specialised task and the Tuff Group team have proven many times that they can stand behind the construction phase of projects.


The installation stage of a project consumes only 20 -25% of the cost and time of a typical project. However, it is the most visible and highly scrutinised part of any job. Tuff Group is proud to use and stands behind the world-class products supplied by CC Grass, the world’s largest provider of synthetic turf surfaces. Correct and diligent installation ensures that surfaces not only look good but perform as expected under time and duress.


While Tuff Group often consults with external, specialised engineers on projects, we also have an in-house engineering capability. We cross-check to ensure that our surfaces will stand up to sustained long-term usage using a cost-efficient amount of materials and long-term maintenance. Our lead engineer has worked on some of the world’s largest projects within the Asia- Pacific region and the Middle East.


Tuff Group has an in-house design team to help our various clients plan the best facilities and surfaces for their project. Specialising in the creation of surfaces (as opposed to buildings and other associated elements) our design team ensures that the various unique but important considerations of sub-base surface design are considered. The expertise delivered during this process cannot be overstated. Poor project design invariably leads to increased costs and delay at the time of project delivery.


The Tuff Maintenance Signature Care program was developed based on years of observation and experience, noting the differences between well-maintained and poorly maintained surfaces.

A well-designed, well-constructed, and expertly installed surface will quickly deteriorate if a maintenance program is not implemented correctly. Most synthetic grass services require weekly maintenance. We have found many examples where the savings of a small amount of money (compared to the capital cost of the surface) is prioritised over the long-term surface installation investment. This short-sighted approach means that many surfaces fall short of a full life given the correct maintenance program.

Initiated by our team of installers, our maintenance program is now a standalone division within Tuff Group’s service offering. Hundreds of fields and courts, ensuring that they are maintained for ideal playing conditions and longevity. We have seen many surfaces – that may cost millions of dollars to replace – having its life extended by up to three years by initiating a long-term maintenance program.

As the synthetic surface industry is still in its infancy in Australia, it’s our view that surface owners will quickly come to realise the value of a strong and dedicated maintenance program for short-term and long-term benefit.


Thanks for getting to know us a little – we hope you enjoyed reading our story so far. Now that you know what’s possible, we’d like to understand how we can assist and what we can help you achieve.

Speak to one of our team members about your next project. There are no strings attached and our team is passionate, friendly and very experienced.

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