Brunswick Hockey Centre

Victoria, Australia

  • Location: Brunswick VIC
  • Stabilising Infill: Lime and Cement Base
  • Sport: FIH National Level Hockey
  • Surface: Tuff FastPRO HF18
  • Completion Date: April 2018

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  • This turf installation meets the strict manufacturing and installation standards set by the International Hockey Federation, the world’s leading hockey authority. This installation is certified by a Certificate of Field Performance.

  • International Hockey Federation

Tuff Turf, our executive team and exclusive manufacturing partner Co-Creation Grass (CCG) were chosen as the successful tenderer for the redevelopment of the synthetic hockey pitch at the Brunswick Hockey Centre after the conclusion of an intensive tender review process conducted by the Moreland City Council.

The contracted works consisted of the full reconstruction of the existing hockey field and resurfacing using the new FastPRO HF18 FIH National Accredited Surface, manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer CCG.

Tuff Turf provided a unique approach to this project through an offer that is supported by the highest level of customer service and guaranteed delivery on product quality.  Our exclusive partnership with CCG, as one of only six global turf producers to have achieved Preferred Producer Status by FIH, FIFA and World Rugby, provided our client the assurance they were receiving the best quality products which have been tested to the highest level of international standards.

The new surface offered by CCG, FastPRO HF 18 is the latest configuration of FIH hockey surfaces; allowing premium performance whilst demanding reduced water usage.  The FastPRO polyethylene texturised monofilament surface is attaining a substantial reputation and overall global market share according to independent industry reports.

Design & Construction

FastPRO provides a much heavier face weight of yarn than that of out dated hockey surfaces, namely 1485 grams above the surface backing and an overall 1700 grams p/sqm of total yarn in the FastPRO surface. The extra density of yarn on the face of FastPRO provides a number of important extended life benefits, including:

  • Increases the playing consistency and reliability of the surface;
  • Significantly increases the durability of the surface;
  • Reduces the need for water in order to minimise grain and directionality of the surface;
  • Increase the surface to player traction and reliability underfoot;
  • Savings for clubs in lifecycle costs, reduced water usage, performance consistency throughout life cycle.

Importantly, the composition of the yarn in the FastPRO surface of 8000 detex, offers a far superior surface as opposed to 6000 detex yarns offered by our industry competitors, which is 33% heavier than most texturised polyethylene monofilaments on the market.  Critically this provides significant performance benefits, including;

  • Each monofilament strand is itself is 33% thicker and stronger than yarns at 6000 decitex;
  • Increased fibre strength and durability;
  • Encourages resilience of the fibres ensuring a longer premium level of surface performance;
  • Stronger resistance to Ultra Violet degradation.

The project consisted of the following scope of works;

  • excavation of the existing sub-base to a depth of 600mm
  • lime and cement stabilisation of the sub-base
  • importation and placement of a suitable class A fill material as the new sub-base pavement
  • placement of a 175mm layer of the re-claimed Class 3 crushed rock
  • placement of a 175mm layer of Class 2 crushed rock
  • Emulsion prime
  • Placement of a single layer (30mm compacted depth) of asphalt
  • Installation of a 15mm in-situ shock-pad
  • Installation of the CCG FastPRO HF18 National Certified Surface

The facility was completed on time and budget in April 2018 with then tested and certified to the National requirements of FIH.

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