Frankston Primary School

Victoria, Australia

Design & Construction

Frankston Primary School is located approximately 60 kilometres south east of Melbourne. Since its establishment in 1874, the school has developed a highly regarded reputation for excellence in the delivery of its sporting curriculum.

The decision to upgrade one of the schools many sporting facilities was made in 2013 by Principal Morry Rubinstein, as the poorly conditioned asphalt basketball court was in need of major repairs.

The transformation of the playing surface at Frankston Primary School “is not only aesthetically pleasing with the introduction of bright colours and innovative designs but, it has encouraged students to engage more often is sporting activities. The new MultiCOURT Signature synthetic surface installed by Tuff Turf has turned a worn out area into a fun and safe environment for our students to play, the surface provides for all year round sporting activities and is no longer weather dependent” says Principal Morry Rubinstein.

The school have since engaged in Tuff Turf’s renowned SignatureCARE™ Maintenance Program which preserves the life of the surface and maximises the schools investment.

  • Location: Frankston VIC
  • Sport: Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Bat Tennis, Four Square, Hopscotch
  • Area: 1070m2
  • Surface: Tuff Turf MultiCOURT Signature
  • Infill: Sand
  • Base Construction: Asphalt Overlay
  • Drainage: Horizontal
  • Project Commencement Date: 23rd September 2013
  • Project Completion Date: 9th October 2013

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