Excellence in Construction Quality

At Tuff Group, we’ve always made quality the cardinal guiding feature of our operations. We believe in a long-term partnership with our clients (as opposed to other companies which may just be in it for a quick buck). 

The process of choosing a sports field contractor to renovate an existing field or construct a new one can be intimidating, but at Tuff Group we’ve gathered a team of professional sports fields construction and installation specialists. We have a process that makes it turnkey, efficient, and easy for clients to have a precisely constructed:

  • FIFA certified field
  • FIH certified field
  • AFL certified field
  • IAAF running track
  • I.T.F. tennis court 

Not only do our projects meet the mandatory quality measures of the most prominent sporting institutes such as FIFA, AFL, HIF, IAAF, and I.T.F.; but they often surpass them. 

We take pride in building fields and courts that will go the distance.