Project Management and Controls

In order to deliver our projects to client specifications and satisfaction, Tuff Group uses agile project management and control systems.

Our processes ensure we can consistently deliver on time and on brief. They are:

  1. We separate the project deliverables into itemised Work Breakdown Structures in order to better manage the finest details. Then, we assign tasks across project team members accordingly.
  2. We build a project plan including resource loading for all related activities. This includes the production of manpower histograms, equipment histograms, production norms and a critical path analysis.
  3. We conduct cashflow management including earned value analysis and strict analysis of cost and schedule variances. 
  4. We conduct a thorough risk management process. This incorporates the development of a detailed risk register for each project, including identifying any areas that might risk the project deliverables.
  5. We pride ourselves on having a strong supply chain.  We work closely with all the suppliers and subcontractors in our supply chain and our processes include the identification of all the materials required for the successful delivery of our projects during the tendering stage. Securing our supplies is our first priority upon receiving the letter of award for all of our projects.

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