Tuff Maintenance SignatureCARE™ Program

Care for your synthetic turf and surfaces

TUFF TURF SignatureCARE™ provides expert knowledge and customised service for all your synthetic turf maintenance requirements.

Introducing Our SignatureCareTM Program

The Tuff Maintenance SignatureCareTM program was developed after years of experience, noting the differences between well-maintained and poorly-maintained surfaces.

A well-designed, well-constructed, and expertly-installed surface will quickly deteriorate if a maintenance program is not implemented. Most synthetic grass services require weekly maintenance.

We’ve seen too many examples where the savings of a small amount of money (compared to the capital cost of the surface) has been prioritised over the long-term surface installation investment. This short-sighted approach means these surfaces can fall short of their full lifespans.

Initiated by our team of installers, our maintenance program is now a standalone division within Tuff Group. We now maintain hundreds of fields and courts to ensure they deliver ideal playing conditions for longer. 

As the synthetic surface industry is still in its infancy in Australia, it’s our view that surface owners will quickly come to realise the value of a strong and dedicated maintenance program for short-term and long-term benefit.

About The SignatureCare™ System

Our system has been developed and refined over years spent ‘in the trenches’, observing how synthetic turf surfaces are best maintained and experimenting with the best solutions. Because of our hands-on experience and the world-class machinery we use, we can confidently maintain any facility to ensure the best possible playing conditions at all times and ensuring the longest life possible for your surface.

The SignatureCare™ Planned Preventative Maintenance Program will not only keep your venue looking and playing at optimum levels, but will provide participants with a sustainable playing surface and help them perform at their best.

We provide skilled and dedicated on-site teams and equipment and have many happy customers coming back to us as a result. Be it for rejuvenation of artificial turf, the cleaning of athletics track or our other services, your assets will be in good hands.

Tailored To Suit Your Needs

A SignatureCARE™ turf maintenance program will ensure your synthetic turf continues to look and perform at its best.

Tailored to suit your needs, SignatureCARE™ will provide you with a program of services ranging from general field inspections and minor repairs, through to comprehensive regular maintenance.

Whether your synthetic surface has been purchased from Tuff Turf or another supplier, is newly installed or years old, is a playground or a stadium, SignatureCARE™ will guarantee that your investment is given the care it deserves.

Each service is completed by our industry leading surface technicians who will not only provide you with high quality maintenance services, but also the right advice.

Specialty services available:

  • All synthetic surface repairs
  • Line replacement
  • Temporary line marking
  • Infill replenishment
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Surface sanitisation
  • Static conditioning
  • Sport accessory supplies

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