FIFA-Accredited Surfaces

We’ve completed FIFA-grade installations in five countries.

Tuff Group has delivered FIFA-accredited surfaces for football fields across Australia. We are the exclusive Australian supplier of CCGrass, one of only four manufacturers worldwide that is a preferred producer for all of FIFA, FIH, and IRB.

FIFA Surface Experts

Because of the quality of our work in Australia, we’ve also been called on to install CCGrass turf internationally. To date, we’ve done FIFA-grade installations in five countries.

At Tuff Group, we know that one of the things that sets us apart is that we have the internal resources to help our clients with everything from the concept phase, right through to installation. 

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can help you work out exactly what you need from a FIFA-grade surface and the best way to achieve it within your budget.

You might be surprised to hear that the most challenging stage of installing a FIFA-quality surface is not laying the surface itself. It’s actually constructing the base the turf will be placed on. No matter what the quality of the surface itself, it will fail if the base is not perfectly engineered and prepared. 

Our engineering and design team work to ensure that both the surface and the underlying base are of the highest standard possible, meaning your surface will last a lifetime and offer a quality playing experience for athletes of all levels. 

Our team of installers are some of  the best in the world. We train them internally and have an exchange program internationally to ensure that they are up-to-date with the best equipment and techniques from around the world. 

Please speak to our National Commercial Manager Travis Knight for further information on FIFA installations. 

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