Our Guarantee

Ever been burned by someone telling you that ‘everything will be OK’ and then not being able to find them when everything goes wrong? We’ve been there too – it’s not much fun…

At Tuff Group, we back up the work we do in a number of ways. We rarely have issues, but when we do, there are no ‘weasel-out clauses’ or changed phone numbers. Recently, we replaced an entire surface at our own cost, even though the issues were brought about by others. 

Tuff Group offers a seven-year manufacturer’s artificial turf warranty. This means that the surface we install is protected against failures of the product itself, provided we have installed it and the base on which it is installed has been approved by our internal team of experts. If you believe that there is a fault in a surface that Tuff Group has constructed and installed, it’s important you don’t try to ‘fix it’ yourself. Contact us immediately and we will undertake a comprehensive assessment fast to make sure the situation is addressed. 

Likewise, our acrylic and rubber installations are similarly protected, meaning that you can rest easy in the knowledge that you the professionals working for you will deliver. Tuff Group is here for the long-term, and we take pride in investing in our reputation by ensuring consistent delivery of quality surfaces, backed up by our words and actions.

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