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For many years, customers have relied on Tuff Turf to provide the best quality artificial grass in Australia. If you’re looking for the highest quality artificial turf in Australia with outstanding customer service, you’ve come to the right place. Synthetic grass is the ideal long lasting solution for turf in residential yards, businesses, schools, sports grounds and playgrounds.

Tuff Turf has an impeccable reputation for providing long lasting, high quality synthetic turf to homes across Australia. Synthetic grass looks great all year round, regardless of the weather or water conditions. It is soft and comfortable to touch, even when you walk around barefoot. Experience the wonder of artificial turf today by calling our friendly team for expert advice on all our top notch products…

From sporting areas to fabulous backyards, we will help you create the space you have always wanted.

Artificial grass is the perfect low-maintenance turf solution for commercial properties, businesses, backyards, front yards, schools, community centres, playgrounds, day care centres and sports grounds. Tuff Turf is well-known and respected for creating functional, beautiful sports grounds including tennis courts, synthetic hockey pitches and more.

Over the years, Tuff Turf has built a reputation for the high quality, long lasting synthetic grass Melbourne residents know and love. To create a product that looks like the real thing, a variety of colours and shades are used in combination with individual blades of varying widths. One of the many benefits associated with modern synthetic lawns is how natural they look and feel.

Beyond its eye-catching natural beauty, Tuff Turf is durable. This artificial grass is pet-friendly, child-friendly and UV protected. It is thoughtfully designed to withstand the harshest climates while staying green all year round. It is also a perfect product to put around pools for greater safety and improved aesthetics.

Over the past several years, artificial lawns have been steadily gaining popularity. Tuff Turf’s expert team understands the most critical part of laying instant turf is to have a properly prepared base. Let our team of professional installers help you achieve amazing results with your landscaping project in Melbourne.

Synthetic lawn has many advantages over natural grass. These include durability and low maintenance cost with no weeding, mowing, watering and fertilising. Fake grass is also environmentally friendly. More than 50 percent of water consumption in summer months goes towards irrigation. It is estimated you can save nearly 2000 litres of water every year per square metre of fake turf.

We are proud to stand behind the quality of our products. Customers are pleased to get a full 7-year manufacturer’s artificial turf warranty on all synthetic grass products from Tuff Turf. You can trust our many years of knowledge and expertise to give you the best advice and synthetic turf solution that is right for you.

Tuff Turf provides the best artificial grass Melbourne has to offer. If you are considering making the switch to artificial turf, talk to Tuff Turf’s friendly team to learn more and find out how easy it can be to have synthetic grass. The grass is always green when you have a Tuff Turf lawn.

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